Simple . Smart . Universal

The True-Safe Story

Involvement with Arc Fault Detection and Protection technology came by coincidence to an enterprising engineer who from early childhood found things to be right only if he made or did it himself. This inventive spirit came early on as he would never stop improving upon things until he believed there was no further room for improvement. These qualities turned out to be early signs of vision, ingenuity, innovation, and perseverance that would shape the future of this engineer, the founder of True-Safe Technologies, Inc.
In 2000, the founder came across a need for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) for portable air-conditioners in response to a mandate that was then in code-making panel discussions. This sparked the founder’s vision that this technology—which was then in its infancy—would become the next revolution in the Electrical Industry. Losing no time, he actively pursued the technology and played a major role in the commercialization of the first cord-type AFCI that was mandated for use on portable air-conditioners. Perseverance pushed him to relentlessly pursue and develop the AFCI technology - against all odds and challenges. This led to the creation of a company with a primary mission of developing and supplying AFCI and other electrical products that will become known for quality and reliability – and generally define the company’s mantra – Universal, Simple, Smart.

And the name of the company? True-Safe says it all. The name is representative of the company’s truly safe electrical products that will become the benchmark standard for quality and safety in the electrical devices industry. The rest is history, and we welcome you to become part of a history in the making.


About Us

True-Safe is a leader in Arc Fault Detection and Interruption Systems in low voltage residential, commercial and industrial applications. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about how we are leading the way to provide safety, security and peace of mind for consumers and businesses through the use of our products.