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Portable AFCI - Combination Type

True-Safe’s technology can be applied to Portable AFCIs of the combination type which affords circuit protection against low and high current arcs. Low current arcs are those that occur along a current-carrying conductor such as a loose terminal connection, whereas, high current arcs are those that occur between two current-carrying conductors which sometimes are mistakenly thought of as a short circuit because of the intensity of the arcs. These Portable AFCIs provide circuit protection to all downstream connections . They can be adapted to multi-outlet power strips, or extension cords. These products are typically offered with ratings of 15A and 20A at 120V system voltage.

General Specifications:
Current Ratings Available: 15A/20A
System Voltage: 120VAC +/-20%
Frequency: 60 Hz
Number of phases: 1
Protection: Arc Fault, Overload, Short Circuit, Surge
Fault Detection Method: Digital
Applications: Single and Multi-outlet Power Strips, Extension cords
Tamper Protection: Tamper-proof enclosure and fasteners
Material: PC/ABS Housing, Nylon for Internal Plastics
Switching Mechanism: Manual
Tripping Mechanism: Solenoid-operated
Applicable Standard/s: UL 1699
Temperature Range: -35C to 65C
Surge Current Rating: 3KA@ 6 KV (+/-90 deg)
Dielectric Withstand Rating: 1500V/1 sec