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Cord Type AFCI

True-Safe’s technology can be applied to cord type AFCIs of the combination type which affords circuit protection against low and high current arcs. Low current arcs are those that occur along a current-carrying conductor such as a loose terminal connection, whereas, high current arcs are those that occur between two current-carrying conductors which sometimes are mistakenly thought of as a short circuit because of the intensity of the arcs. These are classified under UL Standard 1699 as Cord Type AFCIs and also as Portable AFCIs although they are qualified the same way as Branch circuit/Feeder type since they provide complete circuit protection to all downstream outlets and connections . These products are typically offered with ratings of 15A and 20A at 120V system voltage.

General Specifications:
Current Ratings Available: 15A/20A
System Voltage: 120VAC +/-30%
Frequency: 60 Hz
Number of phases: 1
Protection: Arc Fault, Overload, Short Circuit, Surge
Fault Detection Method: Digital
Applications: Cordsets for electrical appliances, power strips, extension cords
Tamper Protection: Tamper-proof housing and fasteners
Material: PC/ABS Housing, Nylon for Internal Plastics
Switching Mechanism: Manual
Tripping Mechanism: Solenoid-Operated
Applicable Standard/s: UL 1699
Temperature Range: -35C to 65C
Surge Current Rating: 3KA@ 6 KV (+/-90 deg)
Dielectric Withstand Rating: 1500V/1 sec